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HGH Mutant Gear 100u.i


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Very High Quality HGH MUTANT GEAR !!
Dosage: 4-8u.i / day
Pre-brain pituitary gland in the cranial base and is responsible for the stimulation and regulation of correct human growth and development by means of other hormones. The level of somatropin has the highest value during puberty – where the body is growing fastest – and this level decreases significantly at around age 40.
Mutant Gear HGH (and IGF1, which is the result of use) is the only substance that can trigger hyperplasia. While steroids cause hypertrophy (enlargement of existing muscle cells), they are not able to induce new formation and development of new muscle cells. HGH can also increase protein synthesis, which is crucial for hypertrophy.
It is also important to remember that the body normally stops forming new muscle cells after puberty. The number of muscle cells is genetically determined for the rest of life and the only thing you can do is to increase the size of cells by forced training or steroids. By using Bionitropin 100 IU Box, however, the body can form new muscle cells. This allows the body to modify its genetically determined inheritance and achieve the desired new muscle density.


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