April 18, 2017 - 9:36 am

What is Bitcoin ?



Bitcoin '' BTC '' is a digital currency that tends to democratize, it allows to pay anonymously and is not subject to the controls of the banks, you can buy or Sell on the internet what it seems to you anonymously and fast . Large groups have already adopted it (Amazon, Microsoft, Ebay, Paypal, Dell, Bing etc. ..). For us it is a sure and fast way to be paid, and for you a safe but anonymous way of being able to make your transaction in all security. From Winner / Winner.

Because we can not receive direct payments via credit card due to the nature of our business (no Bank accepts anabolic sales sites) this Tuto will help you to pay your order with your Online Bank Card via bitcoins. There or Western Union and MoneyGram can cause concern (transaction canceled / obligation to pay in person at "WU / MG" substations or major wicket / commission) With bitcoins all these problems are nonexistent.

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